Robotix 2022

Boston Dynamics like dog


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    The mechanics idea was taken from SpotMini (from Boston Dynamics) but using much cheaper servos (LX-16A) instead of > $300 that used in original SpotMini.
    All parts except servos and bearings are 3D printed (PLA).

    The latest version of this robot (V4) is available here:

    Additional parts:
    LX-16A smart servos (3x per leg)
    Bearings per leg:
    4x 693ZZ, 1x 6704ZZ, 1x 6706ZZ
    Phillips self tapping screws M1.7x8mm
    2x M3 self tapping screws for leg gears
    2x washers per leg, between leg gear and bearings (693ZZ)
    About LX-16A servos:

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